There are excellent modern facilities available in the school library to the students and members of staff to make studies here much easier and more interesting. The two areas that affect users the most are the information technology and library facilities. The library is equipped with a high profile automation software that facilitates easy selection of books based on the choice of an individual.

The School has two libraries – each for Senior Wing (Central Library) and Junior Wing. Both libraries provide online access to a number of abstracts on various topics, through a browser-based support of the software. The Library has a huge collection of over 18,000 books and the number is on a gradual increase. It aims at facilitating reading habits among students and provide them an atmosphere where they can sit freely, think freely and develop their analytical skills. 

It also has a collection of CDs and DVDs to support various courses interactively. The school library subscribed 45 Magazines and Journals and 10 National Dailies. Highly efficient library staff is motivating and student-friendly.

School Library Rules

  • Students are allowed to use the library in their respective library periods alongwith the concerned teachers and also during recess.
  • One Reader Ticket is issued to students of class V to VIII. Two Reader Tickets are issued to students of classes IX and onwards.
  • Books are checked at the time of issuing. Any damage is reported immediately. In case of loss/damage to a book, the students have to pay the printed price on the latest edition of the book in question.
  • Books are returned on due date mentioned on the issue label. A fine of Re.1/- per day is imposed on any book returned after the due date. Books overdue are returned only during recess.
  • Reader’s ticket is not transferable. The student is solely responsible for the books borrowed against his ticket. A duplicate ticket may be issued only on payment of Rs.10.00

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